The Lady9ice Show  the show is currently airing live on Africanfm.com, an online radio station ,the show has been airing on the station since it season 2 and currently the show started its season (3) on the station formerly  Saturdays 3pm WAT now Wednesdays 3pm WAT and also downloadable Thursday on WWW.EWTV.TV & on Soundcloud and many more online vendors.

The Lady9ice show is a comedy talk pop culture oriented show; its main base definition is the Comedy,entertainment and pop culture and it is a first of its kind in Nigeria because of its exquisite and distinctive attributes.

The show runs for an estimation of 1hour, the show is divided into five segments and also other segments which are included on the show from time to time. segments includes; The Fast ones, Guest Pranks, Riddle Me, Fun Facts, Jokes on Us, Funny but Awkward Moments, Mimicking ,The Hardest Five, Forged Breaking News and alot more.

The different segment brings together not only comedy but facts,jokes,trivia and more.